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Company Profile

Our primary objective is to develop and provide cutting-edge sustainable technology solutions ranging from micro to large scale infrastructure system integrations. We provide the latest technologies in renewable power, water, cloud computing, communications, vertical farming, healing technologies, super-foods, and sustainable housing. All of our projects will be supported and integrated and deployed using cloud, hybrid communication systems, and crypto-currency block-chain technologies. Our broad expertise has enabled us to create a powerful core foundation of partnerships, and technologies that positions Energy Wave uniquely into the market place.

We work with technology manufacture companies, designers, contractors, developers and engineers who share common visions in bettering the World through sustainable technology creation and deployments. We are all committed to delivering high quality sustainable technology services and projects Worldwide. We invite you to Join the Energy Wave which is all about relationship building, collaboration, and building healthy sharing economies. By building a Global network of technology and education we are able to empower and enhance peoples lives all around the World and build a beautiful sustainable and thriving life and economy for everyone.

Join Us

We invite you to Join the Energy Wave we are looking for resellers, collaborators, industrial installation projects, water projects, farming projects, and sustainable community or even full scale Eco City projects where we can fully implement all of the amazing technologies that we have ready to deploy.

Our Partners

Partnerships are fundamental to creating a sustainable collaborative economy.  We are partnered with technology manufacture companies, investors, designers, contractors, developers and agents who share common visions in bettering the World through sustainable technology creation and deployments.  We are all committed to delivering high quality sustainable technology services and projects Worldwide.

Our Core Team

  • John Say

    Digital Arts Advisor

    John’s passion for design and digital media started in the 70’s developing his game ideas on a TRS-80 CoCo. After high school he started Say Design, a creative design and multimedia studio in Silicon Valley. Before the casual game boom, Say began to create innovative Flash games (including the very first Flash game called A-Blast) and shifted focus to casual to casual-core games for Web, Download and Consoles, MMORPG And Virtual Worlds as well as large educational productions for Schools and Universities alike. During that time John has designed and developed many award winning interactive games for various brands, publishers and internal IP. John takes an active role in the AR/VR and Digital Entertainment community which includes speaking at shows such as Digital Hollywood, Casual Connect, Adobe Max and others. In recent years John has built and managed teams to create Themed Entertainment attractions for Disney Parks, Museums and Science Discovery Centers. Most recently the focus has been on AR / VR projects for corporate training, surgical training and STE(A)M education.

  • Zion Estes

    Chief Executive Officer

    Zion Estes has been a pioneer audio visual systems integrator, developer and contractor for over a decade.  He has a passion for identifying the most cutting edge proven reliable and efficient technologies which are ready for World-wide deployment and adoption.  He has been actively researching and developing various technologies in media, communications, clean resonant water systems, and renewable power generation and storage.

    He is the Founder and CEO of Energy Wave his goal is to build a network of investors, engineers and inventors to provide critical infrastructure systems such as renewable power, clean water systems, communications, organic food systems, and eco-building technologies for Countries, Governments, Businesses and Communities around the World.

  • Greg Watkins

    Chief Architect Advisor

    Greg Watkins is Energy Waves primary Chief Architect Advisor.  He is involved in CDM projects such as wind farms, solar farms, efficiency projects, methane destruction, and waste to energy, that all use approved methodology standards and generate income from sales of electricity, renewable diesel, and carbon credits.  Mr. Watkins focuses on developing projects that generate emission reductions and the associated carbon credits that we use as part of the project finance.  Mr. Watkins is a CDM (Clean Development Mechanism) project developer, but also consults on other RE projects.  He is working on projects in both the voluntary market (VERs) such as building energy efficiency, CRTs in California for methane destruction, re-forestation, and ozone depleting substances, and projects such as renewable energy projects in Kyoto compliance markets (CERs) Internationally.
    He advises clients on how to reduce their own GHG footprint and on how to strategically develop carbon income from their own emission reduction projects.

  • Mike Waters

    Director of Research and Development

    Is an advanced technology consultant, researcher, inventor and sustainable recovery strategist. He has previously owned businesses in designing and building multi-axis robotics, adaptive manufacturing systems, experimental aircraft, custom homes, portable housing systems. Michael’s automated disaster recovery and library preservation systems are used worldwide at institutions such as the Library of Congress, the National Archives and the Russian Academy of Sciences, instrumental in recovery of the worst library fire disaster of the last century.


  • Athan Bloom

    Research and Development Technology Advisor

    Athan Bloom is a Research and Development Technology Advisor. He has been certified for Military Sealift Command Project Management Fundamentals, damage control, Certified EMT, Advanced Logistic Management, Hazardous Cargo, Integrated Security Systems, and Licensed Merchant Marine Officer by the US Coast Guard. Top secret military clearance as a Contracted DOD navigational officer CIVMAR 3rd or 2nd Officer under Military Sealift Command contracts for special defense telemetry ships responsible for the safe navigation of their crew and complementary assets.  His primary expertise the past two years has been focused on non chemical pesticide frequency oriented solutions to meet future regulatory requirements on Cannabis, beverage enhancement, and increasing the growth rate of crops using the most advanced water fluid frequency technologies today based off of nuclei magnetic resonance.

  • Seth Orion

    Marketing Advisor

    Seth Orion is our in-house Audio Visual and Marketing SEO expert. He has an extensive background and knowledge going back over a decade in designing and building audio visual broadcast music studios, live and post audio video production, 2D and 3D graphics, web design and branding development. Seth is extremely passionate about helping entrepreneurs get their message out to the world. Seth runs an online business podcast and conducts training workshops to help entrepreneurs crack the internet code.

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