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Greg Watkins

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Greg Watkins is Energy Waves primary Chief Architect Advisor.  He is involved in CDM projects such as wind farms, solar farms, efficiency projects, methane destruction, and waste to energy, that all use approved methodology standards and generate income from sales of electricity, renewable diesel, and carbon credits.  Mr. Watkins focuses on developing projects that generate emission reductions and the associated carbon credits that we use as part of the project finance.  Mr. Watkins is a CDM (Clean Development Mechanism) project developer, but also consults on other RE projects.  He is working on projects in both the voluntary market (VERs) such as building energy efficiency, CRTs in California for methane destruction, re-forestation, and ozone depleting substances, and projects such as renewable energy projects in Kyoto compliance markets (CERs) Internationally.
He advises clients on how to reduce their own GHG footprint and on how to strategically develop carbon income from their own emission reduction projects.

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