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John Say

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John’s passion for design and digital media started in the 70’s developing his game ideas on a TRS-80 CoCo. After high school he started Say Design, a creative design and multimedia studio in Silicon Valley. Before the casual game boom, Say began to create innovative Flash games (including the very first Flash game called A-Blast) and shifted focus to casual to casual-core games for Web, Download and Consoles, MMORPG And Virtual Worlds as well as large educational productions for Schools and Universities alike. During that time John has designed and developed many award winning interactive games for various brands, publishers and internal IP. John takes an active role in the AR/VR and Digital Entertainment community which includes speaking at shows such as Digital Hollywood, Casual Connect, Adobe Max and others. In recent years John has built and managed teams to create Themed Entertainment attractions for Disney Parks, Museums and Science Discovery Centers. Most recently the focus has been on AR / VR projects for corporate training, surgical training and STE(A)M education.

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