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July 21, 2015

  • Advanced High Quality Structured Water Systems

    We provide water systems for various applications; desalination, water filtration, structures watered and air to water generation systems.  Each system is customized based on our customers needs and requirements. We can design micro water systems to residential to commercial to industrial size systems.

  • Aether Ponics Vertical Farming System

    Our Aether Ponic Vertical Farming Systems are the most advanced, cost effective vertical farming systems available on the market today combining amazing hydrogen activated water technologies, fog ponics systems, renewable power technologies, energy efficient LED lighting systems, power management, food injection systems, and remote control systems.

  • Streaming Media Hosting and Content Delivery Network

    The Energy Wave Streaming Media Hosting and Content Delivery Network includes clustering, cloud, VPS, and shared hosting, wireless Ultra-Broadband WiFi and WiMax gateways, HD video conferencing, education, social media portals, media distribution and syndication, media hub, and virtual currency cloud mining technologies all powered on renewable energy.

  • State of the Art Digital Interactive Venues

    We design State of the Art Digital Interactive Multi-Media Production 360 Domes and Theaters. Our theaters are built to facilitate the latest 4K and 8K Ultra High Definition live streaming, 3D film previews, 3D virtual reality, 3D architectural design showcases, virtual interactive music, virtual reality videos, visionary arts, and specialized training & education programs.

  • Solar Photo Voltaic Systems

    We can custom design your Solar PV Array to custom fit your budget and needs for any residential, commercial or industrial grid size projects.

  • On Demand Hydrogen Power Stations

    Our On Demand Hydrogen Power Stations are a fully serviced hydrogen powered turbines. Our team modifies gas turbines and reciprocating engine gen sets which are modified to use our uniques hydrogen fuel cells. We offer 25 year power purchase agreements to meet long term energy needs. This method of producing power is completely renewable and much more economical than alternative methods using fossil fuels, solar, or wind.

  • High Speed Long Range WiFi Networks

    We offer custom designed high speed local area and wide area networks ranging from 300 to 900 feet to 5 to 20 mile areas.   Our system perform at over 1 Gigbit Speed ideal for transmitting HD video and sending large data files quickly and securely over you private network.

Global Containerized Solutions & Distribution.

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