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Client: Johns Willems

July 21, 2015

We can custom design your Solar PV Array to custom fit your budget and needs for any residential, commercial or industrial grid size projects. Energy Wave offers a full line of mono-crystaline and poly-crystaline solar photo voltaic cells for permanent and portable use.  Most of the solar panels we sell is manufactured by Sunpower. We also offer customized portable solar generators.

  • frame-mountable roof-top solar cells
  • felxible solar cells
  • foldable portable solar cells
  • solar inverters
  • solar controllers
  • solar connector cabling
  • solar estimates for any type of permanent or portable installation

We only do custom orders and usually for either residential or commercial or industrial applications.  We are not installers or a contractor but we can provide installation services through our contractor installer partners.  We also provide consulting and design services for any type of power project for most conventional types of system designs and integration. We are able to take on industrial and grid size projects upon request but be advised we will charge consulting fees up to build large scale installations. We do not carry any of our products in stock so make sure when you order be advised it will take under one month by air to receive you products or under two months at max to receive an order by ship.

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